4 months post septorhinoplasty update

I went and saw my surgeon again on June 25th 2018 for a follow up. The swelling in my nose is almost gone, it looks healthy but there is still a small perforation. His main goal with my surgery was to close it over 75% and we managed to get 90% closed – which I am over the moon happy with. The current hole is tiny the size of a grain of rice (cooked). He said when he saw me he is not worried it will get bigger but that I need to see him again in a couple of months. There is still a tiny whistle when I breathe from time to time and I’m having issues still regulating normal breathing when I work out – it’s embarrassing to whistle through your nose while you breathe. The best thing I can do now is not push it and keep my blood pressure and heart rate lowish. Overall I’m feeling fine but it’s always at the back of my mind.Depending on how it looks in a couple of months I might need more surgery but the risk of another perforation afterwards is there. I can work out ok but it’s not easy with the worry of things getting worse – trying so hard to think positive. I know I don’t have an auto immune disease but it’s scary that one little while can cause me soo much scared and tense energy. I’ve read various things online where the hole had closed on its own but it’s not guaranteed. This year my goal is first and foremost to focus on my health – mental and physical. Looking at my race schedule, I have one race that currently is worrying – the ragnar relay in August. It’s the worry of more damage to my sinuses occurring from the pressure of the elevation gain. I might be overly paranoid but I have no idea what I should/ shouldn’t be doing. I have placed a call into my surgeon asking him his advice on this race – if I can safely do it or not, and what the risks are. I’ll be beyond upset if he says I shouldn’t do it but I need to follow medical advice. Those that have never had this surgery cannot understand what I’m going through and how super careful I have to be.I’m thinking super positive though and will do whatever it takes not to make things worse – whatever it takes.

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