Ambassadorships for the win

I know I’ve shared this news on all of my active social media channels but wanted t write about it as well. This year I have been lucky enough to be chosen as an ambassador for the following companies:

Endurance Tap Gels:

These gels have been my go to for all of my runs and obstacle course races. They contain 3 simple ingredients: sea salt, maple syrup and ginger. They are super easy to digest and are my favorites to take during any of my athletic activities.

Nuun Hydration

Nuun hydration tabs – these are small tablets you put into water that are full of electrolytes to keep you hydrated and feeling great no matter what activity you are doing. I love these tabs!!

Tough Mudder Ambassador

By far one of my favourite race series. The goal of a Tough Mudder is to challenge yourself and work with others to overcome your fears. The Tough Mudder community is like no other, it is amazing. Side Note if you know someone who wants to sign up for their first Tough Mudder or Tough Mudder 5km, they can use code “Brand2217” at checkout to save 30%.

I’m excited to work with the companies above and help spread the word about their products and see what we can achieve together. It’s always a great feeling to be selected to represent a brand.

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