And She’s in Kindergarten

This blog has a huge focus on my ocr and running adventures, but I wanted to talk a bit about a huge life event that happened today: Sierra’s first day of kindergarten.

I’ve heard it’s ok not to be ok when certain life changes happen. Let me tell you that I’m not feeling 100% ok today. This morning Sierra got up all excited for her first full day of Kindergarten, and I was feeling kind of sad. I didn’t let it ruin her big day though – we laughed as I helped her get dressed, packed her lunch and put her hair into the cutest little pigtails.

We had fun – Ryan, her aunt Deanne and her cousin walking Sierra to school. We got there early so she could play and I got to what my semi independent little girl run off and play before school. When it was time to line up outside her classroom, she was excited to go in and kept telling her dad and I that she wanted to go. When the doors opened I had to fight back tears a bit – by nature I’m an emotional person and today was a huge milestone. Her dad and I gave Sierra a hug and off she went.

Walking back from the school I thought about what a huge milestone in her little life this is – going to all day kindergarten. Sierra is such a kind and happy little girl I’m sure she will get used to the routine in no time. Being a first time parent it’s been crazy to see Sierra go from a little bean on my ultrasound to this adorable fun loving little child in almost the blink of an eye.

We are super proud of her and although it made me cry a little I can’t wait to start her big girl school life with her and be there for plays and field trips as much as I can. I know it’s ok not to be ok but I’m not worried at all. Change is good and I can’t wait to come home from work and to have her start telling me about school. I’ll miss being able to talk to her on my lunch breaks but it’s all good.

I see this as a new set of adventures and experiences for us and a whole new world for her. I hope you have a great first day at Kindergarten Sierra beans we love you!!!

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