Final Day of Kindergarten – June 28th 2018

We have reached the end of the school year. Today is Sierra’s last day of school for the summer. It’s been a great year watching her grow into her own self lore, to be silly, happy, make lots of friends and being herself.

The picture above is her first day of Kindergarten (on the left), and today her last day (on the right).

The last lunch of the school year we packed this morning.

I’m excited to say that she can print her own name, count to 100, sing and dance, is always asking us questions now about everything, and is starting to read on her own. She had an amazing teacher this year who you can tell really cares about the kids. We got an entire bag full of folders and workbooks from school yesterday – but we cannot quantify her year of growth in a bag. I’m super proud of how far she has come, how she has faced a lot of her fears this year and how thoughtful she truly is.

I’m headed to her school soon to watch a slideshow of her school year, and then of the rain holds off, to watch her play with friends. I’ve been told I need to collect a list of Sierra’s friends phone numbers so we can arrange play dates in the summer. As much as I’ve loved seeing her grow and change in school, it will be nice to have her home. I can’t wait to do many activities with her over the summer and enjoy.

Now if we can just get her to stop kissing the boys, we love you sweety and are very proud of you!! Can’t wait to pick you up!!

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