Foam Fest – June 2nd 2018

Race location

Clearbrook Park – Abbotsford Exhibition Park.


This race first came local to our area last year. I was super excited, as I had wanted to run it for a while. After running it with friends last year hubs and I signed up again at the super early bird rate. I’m working on finding joy and having fun this year when I run with friends – I used to take everything so serious and that stressed me out more than not. This year is not the year for that.


We left home early this year to head to the race as last year it was super busy. We arrived at the race site just after 8 an and were directed to parking with little to no wait. The walk from the car to the festival area was a bit of a walk but not bad. Hubs and I brought our bag check bag with us and headed into the festival area with friends. We weren’t able to make package pick up the day before but had to wait in line maybe 5 minutes to get our bibs – much quicker than last year. The volunteers and staff were super friendly.

Bag Check

This was the longer of the lines we stood in. It wasn’t a long wait but many people were checking bags I’m assuming full of dry clothes. Once we got to the front of the line it was easy to check our bag in. Good times.

Start Line

We had a large group of friends to run with and wanted to jump into the earliest start wave we could – I believe we started just before 9am. The MC and start line party were fun, the warm up got the blood flowing and we were off!! The group we ran with was hillarious!!

This wasn’t our whole group but you can see how dirty we were.

Obstacles on course

This race is always a fun one. There were multiple inflatable slides, the body washer was back. This race included a little bit of trail running, running through a park, and lots of field running. We also crawled through mud, ran across the lily pads, and through multiple inflatable obstacles. The highlight for me was the giant slide, scary as I hate heights but fun. Last year there were really long lines at some obstacles but this year we ran earlier and hardly had to wait. I want to do this race next year for sure.

There were at least two full water stations on course and we were told to take as much water as we needed.

Some event pictures below

Hubs and I finish line kisses!

I enjoyed the race more this year. It wasn’t cold or rainy as expected and the sun started to come out near the end. The people that were running near us got a laugh or of our many rude and Lewd comments and we saw lots of families on course. This was a super fun and positive attitude and clocked at more than 6km. This is a great fun race for families.

Festival area

There were a decent amount of food vendors for a small local race. There was also a merch tent set up and it had a variety of items including tank tops, sweaters and shirts. The items were inexpensive. We didn’t buy any but there was a good selection of items for sale. There were multiple Portipotties on site abs many washing stations to get cleaned up at.

The swag

You get a super cute finishers medal and a towel to clean off after. I love this as one can only own so many race shirts. There was ice cream and multiple bottles of sparkling water at the finish line.

I would highly recommend this race to first timers, families and groups of friends that want to get out and have fun. Sign up early to get cheap tickets though as on race day they were over 80.00 on site. This was a great day to spend a morning with friends and family, and our buddy Troy who does not like heights went down the huge slide three times.

To find out more visit: Foam Fest 5km

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