Having a hard time living in chaos

I wanted to post this to get it out of my head. Seriously. Currently we are renovating our kitchen (badly needed upgrades) and things are progressing nicely. Anyone who knows me well knows I like a clean house and a sense of order – clearly this is not happening right now.

The guys are working as quick as they can and I super appreciate the hard work but this shake up or “plot twist” is making me a little crazy. I am trying to keep things as clean as I can, to keep my mood even and calm and to breathe deeply more often – but it’s hard. As things progress in my mind I can sort of see the end result, but anyone who’s ever renovated knows how I feel.

Sierra has been a trooper of course, but it’s hard for me to see her living in the chaos – she seems to be handling it better than I am. The first stage of renovations has meant eating more on the go foods which is most likely why I’m feeling like this. My body is rebelling in its own rights every time I eat something I normally would not. This is a good sign, as it shows the changes we have made in our healthy eating has helped. I decided to take charge of this and get back to something I can control, healthy eating.

I’m thankful I can still get to our blender so I’ve set myself up for success. I have made myself breakfast and lunch smoothies for Monday and Tuesday (chocolate almond milk, spinach, kale, mixed citrus fruits, and Vega meal replacement shake powder).

Hubs and I have decided that this next week we are going to buy / cook most of our dinners (which will stop us from grabbing on the go foods). I’m quietly working on keeping my frustrations to myself as we are very lucky our good friend Troy is giving us a hand with things on his own time. The new kitchen is going to be gorgeous – quartz counters, lots of cabinets to organize our stuff, a new dishwasher and microwave, and a double sink (been wanting one for years). The laminate flooring is going to be amazing (bye bye carpets).

It’s just tough right now. I’m running again which is helping a lot but I can’t shake this feeling of being not in control. I choose to let this go. To appreciate all the new exciting things that are happening around me and roll with the punches. In a few weeks when everything is done and calm is restored, I think my mind will even out again. I’ve got this, it’s only temporary!!

Bye bye frustrated thoughts. I have acknowledged you, felt you and now you need to leave – you don’t serve me and will only make me more crazy!!

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