Insane Inflatable 5km – October 2016

My husband is a big kid at heart – and there is nothing wrong with that. To be honest, he has been on the hunt for new and fun races for us to try this year. He in fact is responsible for the races spreadsheet that is linked to my main page – that has taken him hours of online research and link checking to put together. The reason that I am mentioning this, is because he is the one that found this race and signed us up.

I tend to go back and forth in my race head spaces, from being serious, to silly, to serious (this happens over and over again). Last year I took my races too seriously and got mad at myself more often then being proud of what I had accomplished. With this race, I wanted to just go out, have fun and bounce around like a huge child – there are not many local bouncy castles that are big enough for adults to play in.

Ryan and I decided to dress up for this race. I had decided to wear my Super Girl outfit, and Ryan went all out and bought a last minute Mario costume from the Spirit Halloween store. I wanted to stay on the cool side and Ryan wanted to play the part. Going to this small local race on transit, I got some looks as I wore my outfit where as Ryan waited till we got onsite.

Ryan changed while we were waiting for the onsite package pick up. It was funny the people around us weren’t paying much attention untill he was Mario!!! It was too funny. For the record my husband does an uncanny Mario voice. Package pick up was quick, and the bibs were a giant sticker with the time written on them. Bag check was quick and the volunteers were super friendly.

Our 9 am starting corral was divided into two groups due to the large amount of people. I have to give props to the MC Jack he was decent at getting the crowd going and was in a kilt. The not so kid in me wanted to yell “kilt check” but I refrained from this, as it was a family event. But I wanted to yell that so bad.

Getting back to the event, we were released from our corral and were greeted to a giant set of blow up stairs and a slide. The stairs were already a bit muddy from previous waves but we got up them pretty quick. The course it’s self was then divided up into sections of side walk running, trail running, and of course the huge inflatable obstacles. I don’t want to give everything away but yes there were huge blow up areas to run in, BIG BALLS, ups and overs and throughs and slides.

On a negative note part of the course ran through trail and a few of us got stung by mud wasps – out of the race organizers control but still quite painful. The other thing that I noted I didn’t like was the lack of post run food – not many choices. The course was sold as a 5km and came in at 4.3km. I am not sure if there was free oncourse pictures offered afterwards, I didn’t see an official photographer in site at all. The shirts we received were cute but cotton – I know the smaller races do this but we much prefer to have tech shirts. The cotton ones that we got will get added to my pile.

The finishers medal was super cute – small but had a good drawing of an obstacle on it. It will be hung with my other medals and I thought it was great every finisher got one. I saw many little kids walking around with their medals being proud. A very cute, family friendly event for sure.

My husband had fun keeping the crowd going and the MC even asked me if he could borrow him to go on tour and help keep people pumped. We also got to give a personal shout out to VanCity OCR and the Canadian Mudd queens which was cool. And once the MC knew who we were he kept calling us out – very funny indeed!!!!!!

Overall a fun course and if they come back I will do it again. To check them out, visit: Insane Inflatable 5KM.

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