Insane Inflatable 5km – October 7th 2017

Today was hubs and I’s last scheduled event of the year – The Insane Inflatable 5km fun run. I remember last year we had a ton of fun bouncing and laughing and was looking forward to it.

The race is marketed as being 3.1 miles with 11 insane inflatable obstacles.

This year I dressed as Batgirl and Ryan dressed as Mario.

I remembered that last year it was super busy and wanted to make sure we got there early to check in and do our onsite package pick up. We ended up taking two cars: car 1 had my best friend Jade, Ryan and his daughter Brandi. Car 2 was myself, Troy and Sierra. Although we were running late, we got to the race site at about 8:00 am.

The race was held at the Cloverdale Fair Grounds, in Cloverdale BC Canada.

The good.

Package pick up was quick. Our start time was 9:00 am and by arriving at 8 am we had lots of time. We waited less than 5 minutes to get our bibs.

Bag check was easy and free.

The volunteers even were nice enough to take pictures of hubs and I.

The bibs were giant stickers again.

I brought my bib belt and opted for pins to pin my bib to the belt, but having stick in bibs as opposed to ones that require pins is nice. Less chance of one getting holes in their racing outfits.

The merchandise tent had a better selection of items this year to buy. From what I saw, the prices were pretty decent.

The race.

The event it’s self was a cute little run. The obstacles were big inflatables and were fun. We bounced, jumped, slid,climbed as played our way through them. My favourite still is the big slide. The obstacles were very bouncy, colourful and we had a fickin good time going through them. There were more climbing ones this year, and I surprised myself by being able to climb up them quickly, without the help of the ropes provided.

We had big smiles on our faces and my husbands Mario outfit was a huge hit. Everyone that was around us had huge smiles on their faces and we were laughing and having fun the whole time.

The weather turned out better than expected. It was chilly before we started the race, but warmed up once we got going. The weather actually got sunny near the end as well. On a personal note, last year I received a wasp sting and this year I didn’t see a single wasp. The water station was was well stocked and the volunteers were super friendly.

The Bad.

The race seemed less energetic this year. The MC last year, Jack was amazing. He had the crowd pumped and interacted with us in the starting corral. The guy that was sending our waves out was nice and I am sure he did his best but it wasn’t the same.

The obstacles.

Due to weather / theft, there were two inflatable obstacles that were not inflated. It was disappointing, as wet we first started we only got to do once bouncy obstacle and then run / walk for a bit.

Festival area

There was no festival area. Our friend Jade and I were under the impression that there would be some activities, a bouncy castle for the kids (as advertised), and food vendors. There was no festival area at all. After completing the race, there was no real reason to hang around. Other races have festival areas to keep the party going but this one did not.

Lack of energy.

It’s hard to capture the magic of an event each time, but there was little to no energy in the air. Made for a dull time. We had a great group of friends around us that made this event fun and kept the energy high.

Overall compared to last year, I found the overall vibe to be lack lustre. I know it’s hard to capture the same feel and energy each time, but a little more effort could have been made. This was a bouncy and fun family event but I fell if you advertise certain things, you need to deliver.

I may do this one again to see if it gets better. I understand there were issues with the inflatables and theft of equipment, however there should be a back up plan. I had fun with my friends and we made more memories, but I feel the race was less than compared to last year. This was a fun way to wind down our obstacle course racing / running season and we had fun dressing up.

If you want to check out this race, I suggest you sign up for early bird pricing.

To find out more please visit the official event site at: Insane Inflatable 5km

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