Mud Mulisha OCR – Vancouver Island – August 2015

During our first time out at Tough Mudder in Whistler, BC Canda, my husband Ryan and I ran with a group called “Mud Mulisha” (which also included a few Canadian Mudd Queens). To be honest, the race crew we ran with was crazy but in a good way. Post Tough Mudder, they mentioned that in August, they would be hosting their own OCR race at Shawnigan Lake in Victoria, B.C. At the time, I didn’t know if hubs and I would be able to make it out, but as luck had it, we were able to work it into our schedules and go.

To ensure we would get onsite on time to start, we reserved ourselves a spot on the first ferry out. Since Ryan and I don’t drive, our friend Shelley was gracious enough to not only be our wheel gal, but our photographer. It was a gorgeous day and a great drive from Victoria to Shawnigan lake. We got there just in time to change, check in and get into our starting Corral.

Out of all the course we have run so far, I have to say this is by far the most beautiful. Lake Shawnigan is such a gorgeous property with lots of trees, natural trails and creeks to run through.

I do believe in total, the course was 6km. I rather enjoyed the parts of the course where there was running, as I started my journey as a runner. I want to be perfectly clear, just because the total race length was so short, does not mean it was not challenging. The guys that created and ran this race (Jay and Steve) mean business. There were at my final count, 15+ obstacles.

To start the races in a playful way, racers in the starting corral were soaked with water from a hose. You also had to burpee your way to the traverse wall to officially start. As the race proceeded, the fun began.

There were some very unique obstacles on this one: weighted tire drag, a cave (a natural rock cave on the course you had to crawl through), the rope climb, inverted monkey bars, and a huge slide (which slid into some pretty deep water). Not being a super strong swimmer, this one freaked me out a bit.

What I enjoyed most about this race, was the home grown feel to it. While waiting in line to check in, Steve came up to us to see how we were doing, and to ensure we had what needed. We also got cheers of encouragement crawling through the sticky wet mud near the finish line (thanks guys).

After getting hosed off and changed post race, the festival area was fabulous. The beer was from local companies and the hamburger I had was amazing. Families were welcomed to sit under the trees in the shade and just hang out. There was a fantastic ACDC cover band rocking out, and I was fortunate to meet Jay, the other race organizer and get to know him a bit better. When I think of Mud Mulisha, I think community, lots of laughs, obstacles, burpees, and community. Ryan and I are both signed up again this year, we can’t wait to get dirty with our friends again.

If you want a more in-depth article, please feel free to read the one I wrote for Mud Run

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