Packing for a Beast

Three weeks today we will be running the Sun Peaks Spartan Beast with friends and I’ve started to think about what to bring. I’ve made a packing list and thought I’d share it with you all in case it could be of use to you.

Keep in mind we are bringing our five year old daughter Sierra with us too, as she’s running the Spartan Kids race the next day.

Charity’s Gear List

OCR Gear for the Beast

– Under armour tights

– Signed waiver for package pick up

– Mud gear long trail socks

– Mud gear shirt trail socks

– Trail shoes – Salomons

– Mec water pack and 2l bladder

– 3 types tailwind nutrition drink

– 8 endurance tap gels

– 1 vega sport nutrition bar

– Multiple packs of mustard for cramps

– 2 pairs throw away dollar store gloves

– Touque / other warm head gear

– Long sleeve virus shirt

– Mud queens long sleeve shirt

– Windbreaker jacket

– Racing panties – lululemon

– Extra large zip lock bags for pack

– Throw away sun glasses

– Heat packs for my hands – 1-4 sets

– Garmin watch and charging cable

– Picture ID to pick up race package

– Under armour crops to wear

– Personal wipes for on course needs

Post race checked gear bag

– Towel for post race

– Dry robe and dry robe bag

– Clean underware + socks

– Flip flops (or clean shoes)

– Hair brush and de tangling spray

– Clean dry shirt or can wear Spartan

– Clean pants (jogging or yoga)

– Face cleaning wipes

– Plastics bag to put dirty gear in

– Cash for merch / post race food

General Gear / clothing for trip

– 2-3 pairs underware

– Pjs to sleep in

– Bathing suit for hot tub

– 3 shirts

– Spartan sweater for trip up

– Hair brush, deodorant, tooth paste

– 2-3 pairs of pants / leggings

– 2-3 pairs warm dry socks

– Normal running shoes for the trip

– Sunglasses and hair ties

– Cash – 500-700 CAD

– Warm jacket and or additional sweater

– Vancity OCR shirt to wear around

– Shampoo / conditioner / razor

– 2-3 clean cotton bras

– Cell phone and charging cable

– Camera for misc pictures

– Toothbrush/ tooth paste / floss

– Allergy pills

– Foam roller for afterwards

– Sprint / super medals

Ryan’s gear list

OCR Gear for the Beast

– Go pro and batteries / charger

– Signed Spartan waiver

– OCR race socks (long / short)

– Knee pads

– Grippy Spartan gloves

– Pants – tights to race in

– Shorts to put over Racing tights

– Long sleeve Vancity OCR shorts

– Trail shoes – Salomons

– acing underware of choice

– On course nutrition – his choice

– Mustard packs for cramping

– Windbreaker for on course

– Water pack and 2l bladder

– Tailwind package of choice

– Camera harness and attachments

– Personal wipes for on course

– Throw away gloves to keep warm

– Signed Spartan beast waiver for race

Post race checked bag

– Dry robe and dry robe bag

– Towel for changing afterwards

– Dry socks / shoes / underware

– Plastic bag for wet clothes

– Dry pants for afterwards

– Dry shirt for afterwards

– Cash for merch / post race food

Ryan general gear

– Socks and underware for a few days

– Shorts for a few days

– Clean pants / shoes for a few days

– Jacket / sweater to wear

– Warm touque or hat to wear

– Pjs / clothes to sleep in

– Razor / shampoo / conditioner

– Cell phone and charging cable

– Misc cash / keys/ wallet ect

Sierra gear for race

– Warm sweater and t shirt

– Old pants to race in

– Dry socks / old shoes

– Pony tail for hair

– Throw away gloves

– Warm hat to wear

– Signed waiver to race

Sierra gear post race

– Warm pants / shirt/ socks / undies

– Clean warm dry coat

– Clean dry shoes

Sierra trip gear

– 4 complete changes of clothes

– Shirts / socks / underware / pants

– Pjs to sleep in

– Extra dry coat to wear

– PAC man blanket

– Otter stuffed toy

– Benadryl and anti itch cream

– Brush / hair ties / tooth paste / brush

– Cup- paw patrol to drink from

– Car seat for the trip

– Goldfish crackers for a snack

– Couple packs fruit snacks

This list isn’t the final one but a good start.

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