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Everyone has periods in their life when they feel down and need a little bit of extra motivation. This can come from a website, song, book, or even a friend. For me, this has come from Momentum Jewelry Wraps. I had sinus surgery in March to fix a damaged septum and was pretty much confined in bed for two weeks. It was boring, I felt sad and wanted to do something, anything to get out of my funk.

I had heard about Momentum Wraps and wanted to check them out more. I thought to myself having daily reminders that I’m worth it and that I could bounce back from surgery was very important.

On my phone I visited Momentum Jewelry just to check things out. I first started to call in love with the cloth arm wraps. They are colourful and has many motivational sayings on them. I poured over everything on this website for a few days and placed an order. I started off with just one and then ordered a few more.

My humble collection.

I started to wear one right away, the saying on it read “You’ve got this”. I wore that particular one for days straight as soon as it arrived and I started to feel a little better day by day. Recovery is not easy but I felt I was going to be ok. Slowly I was allowed to start waking again during my healing process and whenever I felt fought, I looked down at that tiny piece of motivation.

Getting down to the price point as I know you are all curious – they go for about 25.00 Canadian each plus shipping. Not the cheapest of items out there but the quality is amazing and you can wear them in many different ways. You are not limited by colour, or the style of the plate that comes on them (oval or rectangular). There are also sparklets – smaller bracelets that are super cute to wear. For us runners, they have Garmin Beat yesterday wraps that you can put on your shoes. There are also motivational necklaces, gift boxes, keychains and sale items. Whatever your need for motivation is, Momentum Jewelry has you covered.

The wraps are light weight and don’t weigh your arm down while you run.

I love their slogan – Find Your Spark. The company shares its message of love, kindness and motivation and I am proud to wear one of my many wraps when I need to find my inner spark.

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