My Better Half Marathon 10km – February 11th 2018

I wanted to first of all say a huge thank you to my husband for gifting me my race entry for Christmas. I had been wanting to check this one out for a while – it looked like a lot of fun.

This race took place on February 11th 2018 at Seward Park in Seattle Washington. The race started at 8:00 am, so we had to leave my place in Surrey BC at 4:45am on race day to get to the site.

Early morning road trip fun for the win!!

We had zero problems getting through the border and our lovely friend Amy got us to the race site safe and sound. I do want to mention that it was cold when we got there, 2 degrees Celsius (brrr). I’m happy I decided to wear running crops and a long sleeve half zip to keep myself warm.

There were several small vendor tents setup onsite, including a company that was doing post race massages (at 1.00 per minute). The start area has a super cute arch on it, very romantic.

My husband got to customize our bibs, so him and I were known as Thing 1 and Thing 2, and our friend Amy was Thing 3.

I do want to note that on race day there were multiple race distances being run: 5km, 10km, half and relay. More information about the actual event can be found here: My Better Half Marathon.

Personally I found the start area a little confusing, we walked over to the finish line in error but figured it out in the end. The race announcer was full of energy and we didn’t have to wait long to start the run.

The 10km consisted of two segments, with a hill only on the first segment. Seward Park is beautiful and although I was super cold at the start, I managed to get some amazing pictures.

This park reminded me a bit of running along the Vancouver Seawall.

Seward Park – Seattle Washington

As this was a Valentines Day themed run, we got to run through a Tunnel of love tent. It was decorated with balloons and along the way to the tunnel for a fee you could have a message of love on a laminated piece of paper posted. This is a super fun idea, and I saw lots of sweet messages of love.

Inside the tunnel of love tent were tables with candy on them: chocolate hearts, rolls of love tarts, and other candies.

This was a sweet touch and you could have as much as you wanted. Since we did the 10km run, we got to go through the tunnel twice.

Tunnel of love fun

The second segment of the race for me felt like it went quicker, and we finished the run in an hour 10 minutes.

Post run there was hot oatmeal and a tent runners could go in to warm up. In this tent there was more food: toppings for the oatmeal including whip cream and chocolate chips), more candy, red vines, bagels, cream cheese and a few other goodies.

The three of us didn’t stay too long post race as we wanted to warm up and head home (it was a 2.5 hr drive each way).

Me, Amy and Ryan post race

The swag:

Every runner (no matter what distance) received a half zip shirt and a cute medal that you could put a picture in.

Overall this race was really fun. The park was gorgeous, my husband ran his first 10km, got five sets of negative splits, and we got to spend time with our friend Amy. Lots of fun was has that day.

The only drawback for me was the 2.5 hr drive there and back – that was a long way to go, but worth it. It would be nice if this race could come closer to the Vancouver area. As well, it’s best to sign up early for this one, as the registration fees are in US dollars.

I would do this one again, it was a super cute race at a gorgeous park and the swag was pretty decent.

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