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I’m excited to share the following:

I was selected in round two of the random lottery draw for Seawheeze. It’s crazy when the email came in I was chilling out with my daughter and boom the email came in. I screamed, jumped up and down and registered. This is my fifth seawheeze in a row and my 8th lifetime half marathon. I’m super super hoping that the rest of my friends get in. It’s been crazy stressful seeing them not get picked. I’m hoping I see more excited posts from my friends today.

I also have some race related news. I will not be running any Spartan races this year. I have surgery coming up for my sinuses and have decided once I recover, I’d like to try new challenges this year.

Honestly, getting my trifecta was a huge accomplishment, but I want to focus more on trail running and other ocr in 2018.

I’ve signed up again for Seek the Peak and the virtual version of Run Like a Girl – 21.1kms of fun – I’m hoping to get out on the trails for this one.

I’m only one more race away from finishing off my race schedule for 2018.

My list of OCR / races for 2018 is below:

January – Training

February 11th – My Better Half 10km

March – n/a surgery recovery

April n/a – surgery recovery

May 6th – BMO Marathon Relay

May 12th – Shoppers Women’s run 10km

June 2nd – Foamfest 5km

June 2nd – Run like a girl virtual run

June 16th – Tougher Mudder

June 17th – Tough Mudder Half

June 24th – Seek the Peak

July 14th Rugged Maniac X

August 18th – Go Ruck Light

August 24-26 – Ragnar Trail Relay

Sept 22nd – Seawheeze 2018

Sept 23rd – Tough Mudder Full

October 13 – Terrain Race multi lap

November – ?!

December – ?!

I’ve also completed my first 30 day yoga challenge ever – I followed the videos for free from you tube, and Yoga with Adriene is now my favourite yoga series.

I forgot how much I enjoyed yoga and how good it felt to stretch out and be chill. I’ve asked my coach to include a day of Yoga in my training and can’t wait to get back into the mat on a regular basis. I have more exciting things coming up in the new year, and can’t wait to share it all with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and share parts of my life with you.

Namaste everyone!!

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