Rest In Peace Stephen Lee – October 18th 2017.

I have some terrible news. Stephen Lee, avid runner, podcaster and all around good guy passed away in his sleep. It’s hard for me to type this as I can’t believe it. I had just seen him post a video a few days ago doing the Bourbon chase with his sword team and now he is gone. He was 45 years old. Heartbreaking.

I have never met Stephen but listened to him on the Negative Splits Podcast, when he hosted the Average Runners podcast, and followed him to his own show, the Heartland running podcast. Hell I was a guest on his show a few weeks back, and now he will never record another show.

I know some will ask how I can be so sad over someone I never met but he inspired me soo much. He was full of life and loved to run. He love his sons with everything he had. It send chills down my spine reading the last comments on Facebook. Sweet Stevie Lee embodies everything that makes you a runner and he was a kind soul.

The picture below is one of his recent runs. He was soo happy and full of life.

I’m sure everyone he met / chatted to and friended on Facebook are feeling this loss. You never know when your time is going to come. I’m sure when he went to sleep he didn’t think it would be for the last time. None of us knew. I’m sure he’s running super chill miles where’d ever he is.Nothing is trivial. Don’t take anything for granted. Each day you wake up, shower, have a cup of coffee, run, breathe , sneeze, laugh of cry remember it is a gift. Stephen Lee was a gift to this world and we are all mourning his loss. I don’t understand how such a kind soul could leave us, but I’m sure wherever he is, he is happy and at peace. I’ll miss hearing his chatter on the podcast and his comments about Princess Leia. My heart goes out to his family and his boys.

He will truly keep me going on the runs where I feel I can’t go on. Running was his passion and that will live on in the running community. Through my tears I remember him in my own way and send out my prayers. There will never be another like him. I’m going to be running slot of kms in his honour in the next little bit, and remember how he tried to bring back the word nifty.

Rest In Peace buddy. You’ve touched more lives on your short time ok this planet then you’ll ever know. You’ll always be the 4th negative split and sweet Stevie Lee.

And if you are running where you are in a gold Princess Leia bikini, well no judgement here. I’m going to push myself harder and farther because of you. Thank you for this. To the running friend I never met, here’s to you buddy. Your gone but never forgotten.

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