Review on Goodr Sunglasses – July 18th 2018

I’ve been on the look out for good quality inexpensive sunglasses to run in for a long time. I’m a person that normally goes to a kiosk in a mall and buys the 2-$20.00 glasses each year. Although they were inexpensive, I always fogged them up. I run hot and it’s hard to run when your sunglasses are foggy.

A friend in a running group I’m on online started a thread about inexpensive fun running sunglasses, and multiple people suggested Goodr. I had to go and check out their website.

Goodr Sunglasses

My first initial reaction to the website was that this company was about having fun. The sunglasses are colourful, have fun names including “Nessy’s Midnight Orgy” and “Donkey Googles”, and were at a decent price point – $25.00 a pair USD + shipping. I spent quite a bit of time on their site before ordering a pair for myself and my husband. My first pair was Iced Yeti’s and his was Whiskey Shots with Satan. I placed my order and had them in my hands in less than two weeks.

The glasses come in a special Goodr box inside their own cloth based case. You can use the case it’s self to clean the glasses. The shipping email notification you get is super fun talking about birds bringing your glasses to you.

Pictured about our newest pairs of Goodr glasses – Nessy’s Midnight Orgy and Donkey Goggles.

I decided to take my pair of goodrs for a run and was super happy. They are light weight, didn’t fog up as much as previous sunglasses and didn’t slip!! I also received a number of comments about how fun my glasses were.

I have dropped these glasses on the floor with zero scratching. I can see clearly through them even when I’m on the run and they don’t hurt to wear for a long time!! I can honestly say that this girl is addicted to these glasses. I’m wanting to build my collection slowly and have a set of fun colourful sunglasses to choose from.

I highly recommend Goodr glasses to anyone who asks. The customer service I received when asking about my order was second to none. Us Canadians may feel a bit of a wallet burn ordering from the US site after currency conversion + duty, but if you are thinking of ordering a pair I’d suggest getting your friends together to save a few bucks!!

Goodr glasses are amazing and very durable. I will highly recommend them to anyone whom asks.

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