Sinus Surgery – March 6th 2018

I can’t tell you how happy I am that my surgery is over. I felt a lot of anxiety going into it, as I had no idea what to expect or how bad I’d feel afterwards. I was worried that I was going to be a hot painful mess.

The day started with Ryan and I getting up at 4:30 am. I was the first surgery of the day for my surgeon, and I had to be at the hospital to check in for 6:30 am. My BFF Jade was gracious enough to drive us there and we got to Peace Arch hospital just before 6 am. I decided to pay for 24 hour parking just to be on the safe side, as I didn’t know how long we would be there and didn’t want to worry about the meter.

I decided to wear my Wonder Woman onsie to the hospital as I was told no clothing that goes over the face.

We had to wait about 20 mins for registration at the hospital to open and then I was directed to Day surgery Day care as it is called. I put on a gown and Jade and Ryan were able to stay in this waiting area with me about 30 minutes before it was time to head upstairs to the OR waiting area. I was smiles, laughing and joking the whole time (was keeping the mood light). The night before and on the day of I put an anxiety blend of DoTerra oils on the bottom of my feet (made by my friend Amy’s mom) and I swear it helped keep me calm.

The nurses in the day surgery area were awsome. They were funny, cracking jokes and told me I was doing really well. I hate needles and didn’t realize the IV needle was soo big but nurse princess Anna as she called herself got it in one shot. Before being taken upstairs to the OR area I was given a Tylenol and some medication to neutralize my stomach acids (had to fast for this surgery, nothing to eat after midnight the night before).

I was wheeled up to the OR and chatted with the anesthesiologist, and he said all my vitals were excellent so he was going to use a general anesthetic. My surgeon DR. Harvey Strecker came in and said hello, and a mask with moisture in it was placed on my face to keep my throat moist and I was wheeled into the OR. It was freezing in there and they put me under a warm blanket. Anti biotics were placed in my IV, a while later the anesthetic, I felt tingly pins and needles and I was out.

I was wheeled into recovery room 1 and was awake on my own 10 minutes after arriving there. I felt spacey and a bit of pressure but my pain was manageable. My surgeon came down to see me again, and he said the surgery went as expected, he was able to close the left side of the perforation completely and most of the right side. They took the packing out of each nostril and that didn’t hurt that bad. The nurses were very happy my pain was manageable and said I did excellent.

The nurses helped me to the bathroom and brought me water. Within 45 minutes I was wheeled down to recovery room 2 where Ryan and Jade could see me. I was more awake, laughing and joking and I was allowed to have juice and crackers. Within an hour I was allowed to get dressed and leave. Hospital policy dictates you have to leave in a wheel chair, so Ryan rolled me out.

Jade dropped Ryan off at London Drugs to pick up a prescription for post surgery anti biotics and picked us up a new blender (ours is leaking). I was advised post surgery that I won’t be able to eat solid chewy foods for a few days so decided to make super food smoothies to get my nutrition in.

I got home and felt great – better than I thought. A little loopy from the drugs and sore but not as bad as I thought.

Ryan got us a Ninja Chef blender and made me a smoothie with Greek yogurt, mixed berries, almond milk, banana and Vega meal replacement shake – very yummy. I stayed out of bed long enough to show Sierra I was ok and then went to rest. I took my first pain killer (Tylenol 3 with Codiene) at 1:30 pm and my anti biotic and rested. It’s hard for me to rest but I know I need to. In the past 24 hours since my surgery I have only had to take 3 pain pills. My nose from the bases all the way down is sore and tender, and I’m stuffed up but that can be expected. I have gauze taped under my nose for now for bleeding but I haven’t bled too much since my surgery.

I’m finding it hard to get comfortable when I sleep even though Ryan propped up a bunch of pillows for me but I’m sure in time it will get better. I do believe that I’m doing well so far as I eat generally pretty good, I was getting a lot of sleep before the surgery and I’m using smoothies to get all my vitamins in.

Today I’m headachy, the nose hurts a bit more and I’m super congested but doing good. I have more energy then I thought just got to be careful not to bend over to put pressure on my sinuses. Lots of bed rest again today abs a follow up appointment sign my surgeon at 11:45am.

I want to thank the nurses at Peach Arch hospital for taking such good care of me, my surgeon for being awsome, and most of all my husband Ryan for taking such good care of me and my BFF for taking me to the hospital yesterday.

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