So things might not be going so well with my healing

I woke up this morning with an off feeling in my nose. I took my iPhone flashlight and took a look and it doesn’t look like things are healing properly since Friday. Being the concerned person I am, I phone my surgeons office at 8:30 am and got an appointment for 1:15pm today. I’m not going to lie, I am a little scared. I’m going to go in their listen to the surgeon and beg him to go everything he can to fix this (even if it means more surgery – if he’s willing and it comes down to it that’s what I’ll do). I’ve let work know that I’m going in to my surgeon today (scheduled to go back to work Thursday). Thankfully I still have paid sick time off and work is willing to work with me to make sure I’m healthy.

I’m asking for all thoughts and prayers – if he agrees to try more surgery to fix this, please pray I get in ASAP. I want to be healthy and strong and just get this healed and be better again. Trying not to cry in front of Sierra due to my worry so I’m in my room right now – don’t want to scare her. I’m sure my surgeon won’t be happy and like I said I’m hoping he’s willing to get this addressed ASAP.

It’s my 11 year wedding anniversary Tomorow so praying for answers today. I know there were risks going in but thought my healing was going better. I made the right move by calling the surgeon this morning – health is the most important thing.

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