Spartan Sprint Sun Peaks – September 2016

Having done a Spartan Race alone and with my husband, I was very interested in the thought of doing another Spartan Sprint. My only experience for this race previous was on Mount Seymour in Vancouver, B.C. and I thought it would be a neat idea to try it in a different location. Our friend Troy, who is actively working on changing his life and becoming more active agreed to do this one with us as well, not knowing what he was getting into.

The trip up to Sun Peaks involved a late night car ride after I finished a 10km race in Downtown Vancouver. We drove to Sun Peaks in pitch darkness, and our friend, Shelley even saw 3 bears on the road on the way to the condo we were staying in. On the Saturday prior to the Sprint, my husband Ryan volunteered on course and I relaxed to prepare for the sprint. Relaxing included going for a quick run, a hot tub soak and a fondue with friends the night before – the fondue was amazing.

The more of the race, the weather again was predicted to be rainy – it is typical for fall races to be rainy. It wasn’t raining hard more like a mist or drizzle in my opinon, as we didn’t get soaked walking down to the race site. The day before friends of ours had done the Spartan Beast and Ultra Beast race, and on Sunday, September 25th 2016, the day was dedicated to the Sprinters.

To note, the official course map posted onsite noted that the course wasn’t 5km but 7.4 with over 20 obstacles. Our friend Troy gave us the look of *you said this would be 5km* but still he was determined to go on course with us and have fun. The race bib pick up was different this time – you looked up your number on printed out sheets and gave the staff your number and ID when checking in. The timing chips went on the wrist and I think it was 40.00 if you didn’t return them after the race – I like the idea of using re usable timing chips.

The start of the race had us doing a trek / run up the side of the mountain. For this race, the theme seemed to be you would go up, level out a bit, go up more, then go down a bit, and then go back up. An interesting tactic and good use of the terrain.

There were new obstacles here that I had never done before, and I am glad to see that Spartan does change things up a bit. I got to do my first bucket carry, sand bag carry, traverse wall, and log jam. To be honest, mentally the log jam got to me as I hate enclosed spaces, and I had to calm myself down after doing that one as it shook me up quite a bit. At the obstacles the on course volunteers weren’t very happy to be there it seemed – it was chilly but it’s nice to see a smiling face when you come up to an obstacle.

About 3/4 through the course, my husbands GPS hit the 7.4 KM distance and I thought his GPS was wrong, but I was wrong. With the added trek up and down the mountain, the spacing of the obstacles and water stations, and then the eventual down hill climb, our course was over 7.4. I was cranky near the end as I was tired – this course kicked my butt and sore from bashing my knee on some rocks, but I didn’t want to give up and I wasn’t going to. This race was about the three of us starting together and finishing together, and although I was hurting I wanted to keep pushing forward to help support my buddy Troy’s first Spartan race, as well as mentally get over it.

Getting to the finish line was a treat. I didn’t do well on the rope climb or the spear throw so I did burpees – it happens and it’s known at Spartan that if you fail it’s burpee time. Near the finish line I got to meet and hug a couple of Mudd Queens and friends of ours were waiting for us and got hugs. Troy, Ryan and I joined hands and we jumped that finishing fire. I always have the oddest fire jump face but that was incredible. For the record, my husband’s GPS picked up this Spartan Sprint at 9.3 KM!!!

Overall Spartan you did a great job at making this course tough. I know what I have to work on now, as I want to get a Trifecta next year. Our good friend Troy got to experience his first Spartan Sprint and now he knows that a 5km course can potentially get longer as the terrain dictates. The obstacles I found were tough but fair and the only long wait to complete an obstacle was at the log jam – if you were there you know what I am talking about. I still recommend Spartan to friends but would like to ask that the shirts be made tech shirts – the cotton shirt is nice but tech is better. I also love how you get a pie piece with your medal now – very nice finishing touch. My bruises to my ego and body are still healing and I do believe our friend Troy is going to come out with us again.

To Find more about Spartan Races in Canada, visit Spartan Race.

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