Surgery recovery continues to go well

I went to see my surgeon (Dr. Harvey Strecker) on Monday, March 12th for my second post surgery follow up. He said things are looking good, healing good and suctioned our my nose. He also said I can get my stints our finally on Friday March 16th!! It will be weird to not have them in anymore, but exciting for me as it’s the next step in the healing process.

I chatted to him about physical exercise. I was doing super light modified yoga and resting (no heavy lifting, no laundry or dishes ect). At first he says I could try for a 30 min walk then reduced it to 1-15 minute walk per day (wants me to keep my heart rate and blood pressure down). After being house bound for over a week this was super exciting news!!

Since my appointment, I have gone for walks for the last three days (it feels good to breathe fresh air). I understand why Dr. Strecker wants me to keep things easy, as we want my nose to heal.

For someone that was previously working out six days a week for at least 45mins – an hour a day, it’s been hard. But looking back at all the times I trained / ran through illness I’m going to be good and take it slow.

I’ve made huge progress from March 6th 2018 (the day of my surgery), to now:

This is a picture of my nose 9 days post surgery. Much less swollen and straighter than it was before. It’s crazy how well I’m bouncing back from a of this. I’ve also had to get my nutrition through smoothies – kale, spinach, fruits, protein powders and greens. My top there are still a tad numb so it’s hard to chew super hard food still – nothing wrong with nutrient rich foods full of vitamins.

I’ve also been sleeping 6 hours + straight a night – it’s been a super long time since I’ve done this. Feels really good. The longest stretch of sleep I have gotten was 8 hrs – excited to see this continue.

I’m all types of excited that I’m healing well, feeling good and trying to stay positive with all the resting. Netflix is my friend (binge watching lots of stuff), doing short highly modified versions of Yoga (with my favourite Yogi, Adriene), and I’ve been meditating. I’m still taking this all day by day. I’m loving each day with the intent to heal fully and get back to exercise.

I’m happy and feeling very optimistic right now. Have a great evening everyone, namaste.

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