Take a hike – literally

Today my friend Troy and I decided to go for a hike. For me mentally it was going to be to have some time on my feet, and practice on un even terrain to prepare for the Sun Peaks Beast. In the end we decided to check out the trails in Capilano, North Vancouver.

Getting into the trails it was noted that most of them started off easy and groomed. It was ok but the Troy spotted a trail that led down near the river, and was super technical – so off we went. It was a bit tricky to navigate, but more fun honestly then walking on the super easy man made path. We were able to get down to the river and do a tiny bit of bush whacking.

On the hike we ran into a cute little fairy garden – I’ve never seen one up close before. It was super cute.

I’m a novice to technical trails so I pushed myself and carefully made my way down the more technical paths. I amazed my self at how strong I felt and how comfortable I felt. I loved being on the trails it was a breath of fresh air, and it was nice to calm my mind – in OCR training hiked are a definite training tool.

I felt really good the whole time and today was such a gorgeous day for a hike. I’m tired and a little sore, but it was worth it.

The climbs on the trails challenged me a bit and although the elevation gain wasn’t super huge I loved every minute of it.

If you haven’t gotten out for a hike, I’d recommend it. It clears your mind big time.

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