Tough Mudder Whistler weekend coming soon

I am not going to lie. I am beyond excited that our annual Tough Mudder weekend is upon us. It’s been tough at work lately and I got almost to my breaking point. The feeling of being the only one hauling ass and getting things done is beyond overwhelming. It’s caused my personal life to suffer and I can see that now. After leaving work yesterday I felt free and happy, my family deserves a better me than I’ve been giving them.

Today starts the packing and preparation for our trip. You see, hubs and I have made the Tough Mudder weekend an adult trip for the past few years. Our buddy Troy who is inspiring as hell is joining us in our Tough Mudder madness. I can’t wait to see our ocr family and friends. There’s nothing more satisfying then getting dirty, cracking jokes and giving muddy hugs. It is one of the best feelings in this world.

Like the mother hen that I am, I’m making lists and ensuring we have all we need to have a safe and fun trip. There’s no looking back it’s time for fun soon. My team at work doesn’t get it, and honestly I’m not surprised. I will feel free of adulting once we get in the car and start our journey.

Sierra will be spending the weekend with her big sister Sam – she’s going to have a blast. I don’t feel guilty at all for leaving her for a couple of days – parents need a break too. Just waiting for confirmation on my tickets and then boom!!

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