Tough Mudder Whistler weekend – June 15th 2018 to June 17th 2018.

As I’m sure many of you know, the Tough Mudder race series has become one of my favorites. To me it’s about a sense of community, family and taking care of each other . I always book my annual vacation from work around Whistler so I don’t have to rush back to work, which worked out really well this year. On tap for us was the following races:

Ryan Fick – Tougher Mudder (timed tough mudder he wanted to do on his own) and the next day the Tough Mudder half.

I was stressed leading up to race day I wasn’t registered for either event (my registrations had not come through as promised), but luckily my husband came through and got that taken care of.

Troy and I planned on running the Tough Mudder full on the Saturday, and with Ryan the half on Sunday. We had never done back to back OCR events before so I honestly had no idea what to expect. I was following my training plan and went into this weekend nervous, but decided to do my very best with how I was feeling on both days. As usual, we got a course map a few days before the event and I was excited we were getting 1 10 mile loop as opposed to the two five mile loops that other Tough Mudder events had seen this year.

We also finally got hot weather predicted this year (in previous years it had been freezing cold). On Friday June 15th we packed up our buddy’s car after dropping Sierra at school and we were off. It was so warm heading up to Whistler and there was nothing but good vibes in the car. We stopped in Squamish for food and groceries and continued our journey. We got into Whistler about 4pm and checked into our room. This year thanks to the amazing pit momma Traci, we were saving money on our room by staying in the Whistler Athletes Center.

After getting settled we headed to the common room for the community family potluck. Lots of Mudders getting together having good food, lots of laughs and hugs. Clinton Jackson even stopped by to say hello.

I didn’t stay long at dinner as I wanted to head back to the room and get organized for day one of Tough Mudder. I can never sleep before an event so I didn’t get the best sleep. The weather was nice and warm and the three of us got up bright and early. Ryan and our friend Nathan left around 645 as they were heading to the event to do Tougher Mudder – the timed Tough Mudder event.

Troy and I headed down just before 8 am. I wanted to check in early as I had no assigned start time (just got my tickets the day before). Tough Mudeer is starting to enforce start times so I wanted to hop into the standby pen so we could go at 9am (the weather was predicted as hot and I wanted to beat the heat).

We were lucky as the standby pen wasn’t too bad and they let us go at 900. Sean gave a super inspiring speech and we got to give him hugs as we were leaving. Troy and I’s plan was to go at a steady pace and do our best.

Tough Mudder Full Course

We ran into two ladies near the start of the race, one who was six months pregnant. She said she was just doing the half and I told her that she wasn’t just doing the half, that she was amazing. She was going nice and slow and would avoid any obstacles that might put her in harms way. As we continued on holy crap the mosquitos got bad. Even with bug spray on I got bit over and over. Being itchy and hot was not fun. We met and chatted with several awsome people on course.


There were a bunch of fan favorites on course including: skid marked, Berlin Walls, Arctic enema (had a panic attack going under the first fence but I did it), hero carry, lumberjacked, mud mile, long infinity (skipped this one as I didn’t want to land wrong on my face this soon post surgery), kiss of mud, cage crawl, and many more. We didn’t get to do block ness monster as it was closed (the obstacle was broken). I do believe the vault obstacles were just the tip, boa constricter and cage crawl (I feel off just the tip but had to try it). A challenge for me was having devils beard at the top of cliff hanger but I did it. I didn’t do Everest this year either- again fear of hitting my face, we had a lot of laughs on course, kept our pace steady and I felt really strong. My overall endurance is improving!!

The mud in swamp stomp was so stinky and thick I loved it!! I got so itchy from my bug bites I had one of the medical staff spray me with bug spray on course.

This year electric shock therapy was right near the end. You had to do that and then the new finishers obstacle called happy ending (basically you were supposed to climb up one side and slide down the other). The water was refreshing and we ran into Ryan just before electric shock therapy (I think I got zapped twice).

It was so warm after the event I just changed my shoes and we hung out in whistler village. The three of us got hangry and headed back for food – Dusty’s had amazing burgers, and then after food we all had a nap. We had a washer and dryer in the room so I just ran our muddy laundry through twice in warm water to clean it off.

The scary part for me is that I didn’t realize a mosquito had bitten me close to my left eye and since I’m allergic to mosquito bites my eye started to swell and quick. I could barely see.

After food it was nap time and chill. I passed right out and felt great when I woke up. We ventured into the village in the evening, had a super quick drink with friends and headed back to our room. I wanted to get more sleep before our second event.

On Sunday June 17th I was wide awake at five am and had some food, a quick shower and we got ready (packed up the car for our trip home). We then headed back to the race site for race two. We all managed to get a 9 am start time and I could tell it was hotter then the previous day. We had picked up some ketchup chips for Sean Corvelle the day before and ran into Clinton as we got there, and he gave Ryan a back massage.

We got more hugs and before we knew it were heading to the starting corral to do our second race. This year TMHQ had us run more trail and go up the mountain more. I was super worried about getting more big bites, so I almost bathed in big spray pre race. For the Tough Mudde half course with help I did Berlin Walls, skidmarked, and got to do blockness monster (it was open again). I also did mud mile 2.0 fully and felt fresh until we had to do the second round of cliff hanger that had devils bears on top. Took me a bit but I finished it. With the half tough mudder you don’t have to do electric shock therapy but we did it and I got zero shocks. Troy, Ryan and I climbed up the back of happy ending after giving Sean and Clinton more hugs and we finished together. The water at the end was super refreshing.

Because we did a full tough mudder last year and a half this year we earned our 2x repeat offender headband.

It was gorgeous post race so we hung out in mudder village with friends 🙂 I love seeing everyone!!

We took off from mudder village around 2pm to start the drive home (stopping for a late lunch in Squamish). This to me was the best Tough Mudder weekend so far. I felt it was the best year to see our mudder family, to meet new Mudders and I feel that I really belong. It’s awsome when people come and give you hugs and take care of each other on course. The check in process for the race was super quick this year, spirits and love was at an all time high, I pushed myself again to face me fears (ladder to hell, cage crawl, boa constricter – I hate heights and am claustrophobic), and had an amazing time. Good food and drink was had, and lots of great memories were made. I’m going to work on getting my 10x tough mudder headband, and then start training for Worlds Toghest mudder (running it in 2020).

Besides a number of irritating bug bites, and a few bruises I didn’t get hurt at all. My body feels really good today. None of us broke a bone and we had fun. Ryan got to see what he could do racing solo and I feel amazing coming out of this event. Tough Mudder community for the win!! I’m proud to be part of Mudder Legion!!

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