Trust the Process

I wanted to get real for a moment here. I know we all have super busy lives, and most of us are scheduling our training / races around our lives. We also seem to live in a world where some of us want to see quick results or that are looking for a “quick fix”. I was of this mindset for a very long time.

I have become a more serious runner in the last few years. Before this recent time period, I didn’t worry about hydration or nutrition or even foam rolling for recovery. I scoffed at doing anything except for running and strength training and really wasn’t mindful of my overall nutrition and recovery habits. This work for me for a bit, and over the past year I noticed I felt depleted after my work outs and runs and that it took a long time to recover. I am an information sponge so I started doing my research and realized that I wasn’t looking at the whole picture.

I saw other running friends get pr’s and recovery super fast and and I wanted that. I stated working with my friend and running coach Allison Tai almost a year ago. I had never worked with a coach and found her slow and steady build approach a little daunting. She knew I ran and did OCR races and I know her plan was to make me stronger and faster – but this also takes time.

As we started getting into my training regime I know in the back of my mind I wanted to see immediate results – and I didn’t get them right away. Aren’t we all looking for that quick fix / easy way to get what we want? I know I was.

As the training continued, Allison had me do small fitness tests to see where I was at and so she could adjust my training accordingly. My first few fitness tests sucked and I felt defeated but keep training. I was working out (and still am) 6 days a week – a combination of running / strength/ obstacle course race training. I remember after each test messaging her and asking how I was stacking up and if I was doing good- we all want that pat on the back. She always responded in a positive manor.

I was still chomping at the bit to see results quick, but that wasn’t meant to be.

Over time with training and putting the work in I can now do:

  • 10 strict pull ups
  • Completed 500 burpees on Boxing Day
  • Can do sets of 10 push ups on toes
  • Can leg press 290 pounds
  • Run more even splits at races
  • Dead hang – current pb 1 min 30 seconds
  • Completed two sets of rings at a race
  • Run up the 10 foot warped wall at the OCR training gym
  • Run stronger and breathe better when running and at a race
  • Recover better with rolling out and the loved / hated cold showers
  • I can tuna tough mudder and be active the next day, not destroyed

The list above didn’t happen overnight, and it isn’t everything I can do now, but wanted to give you an idea. This was not an overnight process, it came one day at a time, and one workout at a time. It involved hill repeats, fartleks, hanging on the pull up bar till I fell off, rows, and following the advice of my coach. I’m not going to lie, there may have been cursing as well from time to time.

The big part of the puzzle I want to get back to is this: trust the process. The workout or training run you do today may not provide instant gratification in the moment, but down the road you will be able to do something you may have thought impossible. Don’t give up, each time you get ready to do the work out give it your best effort in that moment. Believe in yourself, and push yourself a little harder each time. There is no quick fix, the only way to get the results you want is to put the work in and commit.

I wanted to put a little challenge out there to you all. Write down one fitness goal you have: for example to do 10 push ups in a month, on toes. Then for the next few weeks do a few push ups a couple times a week with proper form. Write down each time you train for this, how your feeling ect. Once you have got your goal look back at your log of training so you understand the work you put in to get from point a to point b. I think after doing the above exercise, you will understand that trusting the process will get you results.

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