Vancity Coastal Warrior Race

Today Ryan, Sierra, Troy and I headed to the Vancity OCR gym to help setup and participate in the Coastal Warrior challenge. Anytime I get to try something new I get excited, and Sierra was super happy to do a race.

We got their early and while Sierra played with the kids I got to help with puppy duty – watching John and Allison’s dog Harley. Today was a hot one, you could feel the heat outside.

Let me tell you something. John and Allison like to push people outside their comfort zone. After the course was setup they did multiple course walk through a to ensure everyone knew what was going on. I felt intimidated as this course made use of 3 lanes of the onsite rigs, but I wanted to still go and try. I’ve had Allison as my OCR and running coach for almost a year and wanted to see what I could do.

From memory the course was as follows:

1. A run around the building where the OCR gym is with a wooden sword and shield in hand.

2. Once back in the gym, everyone had to get across the kids rig which had rings, a tire swing, a giant net full of foam, onto another rope. Then back across the kids rig via the rings.

3. You ran back outside and hooked up a tire via a belt and ran around a cone and back.

4. Then you jumped up the loading dock.

5. A rope climb was next.

6. Then 20 balls slams, a sled push across the room and back and then 20 box jumps.

7. After that going through the two different rigs, and then up the warped wall.

That’s from memory I hope it’s right. A super tough course I kept falling off the rig.

After that, it was the kids race that included a run with a mini sword and shield, a kids rig, a sled pull and the wall. I ran with Sierra to help her and she did the best she could.

The fastest person finished the course in just over six minutes. Very impressive!! I got my butt handed to me and I had a lot of fun. I got to see friends, see a friend I used to work with and hang out.

As an added bonus part of your registration included a movement food lunch – I selected mango talapia salad and it was tasty.

I didn’t have the best race personally but I went out there, had some fun and pushed myself hard – that’s what counted.

It was hilarious it was me vs Ryan and Allison said – “ok ficks a domestic dispute.”

Going to the Vancity OCR gym today was like coming home to family. Well a family gathering with rigs and running. I’m super happy to have run such a tough course and to hang out with friends. All in all a great day despite the heat.

The course required mental grit, stamina and grip strength – something I am working on all the time. I even thanked John and Allison for the ass kick.

I would highly recommend to anyone going and trying an event – just tell them the ficks sent you.

To find out more about the gym and the people we love, visit Vancity OCR Ninja Gym

Ooo and the cutest thing ever besides the Tai’s puppy – Sierra with her OCR medal.

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