Woman to Warrior

I’m excited this morning. As a birthday gift, Ryan and Sierra got me an entry into the Woman to Warrior 5km ocr. When I first realized it would be the weekend after the beast, I was a little worried. It was beyond sore and tender earlier this week but now am feeling really good.

Lots of rest, foam rolling and stretching and BCAA’s have sped up my recovery. I’m not aiming for a super speedy race today, but will give it all I have in my tank.

I’m looking forward to using this as a recovery run and being around other women taking on this challenge.

I also am super floored. I had a 100.00 fundraising goal and I met it!!! Thank you very much to everyone that had donated to support me today!!

The weather is drab but I’ll make it fun. Have a great Saturday everyone, see you all on the other side 🙂

To find out more about this race, please visit the official website: Woman2Warrior

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