Woman2Warrior 5km OCR – September 30th 2017

I was in recovery mode from the Spartan Beast at Sun Peaks from the previous week so I honestly didn’t know how this race would go. I made the decision to make this an active recovery run and just have fun.

On the Saturday of race day it was supposed to be sunny but cool so I ended up wearing crops, my Vancity OCR virus gear tank and arm sleeves to stay warm.

I arrived at the venue, Swanguard Stadium in Burnaby BC about 45 minutes early so I could do onsite package pick up.

My home team, Vancity OCR had a tent set up so I was able to stash my bag without any worries. Since I was so early, I was able to grab my bib and finishers T-shirt quickly.

I was signed up for the 10am heat, so I wandered over to the start area about 9:50 am. The first wave was small, maybe 20 people in it. The photographer took lots of pictures of us and then we were off.

This was a fun course, lots of running in the trails which I’m beginning to love more and more. The course markings were a little confusing though and I almost got lost once.

The course map

The course had a variety of obstacles – tree traverse, football style tire run, an inverted wall, archery, and a mini boot camp (with burpees) to name a few. My husband Ryan and our friend Troy were volunteering which made it more fun. Troy had to give me a little butt push over the inverted wall as my legs were just not happy.

There was a Vancity OCR team that started at 11, but I was set to start at 10. I listened to music as I was running solo & I felt really strong running

I felt tired but my personal goal was to finish under 50 minutes. I got into the last section of obstacles and booked it over the cargo climb. John Tai was there taking videos and pictures and I saw him run towards me to get action shots, his dry robe flowing in the wind.

I found it amusing when I came to the water crawl (2 small kiddie pools) as the volunteer warned me that I might get wet & that the water was cold. I actually enjoyed this, as the day had gotten a bit warm. I struggled and fell off the traverse wall but got up and finished it.

Vancity OCR loves to bring the Platimum Rig to events, and I decided to try the hard side. I kept falling off but got back on to finish. Grip strength is something I’m actively working on.

Rounding to the finish I received my medal and clocked my time in at just over 48 mins.

This was a super cute and fun race. If someone wants to do their first OCR it’s a great one to start with. The course markings were a little confusing though. There were two water stations, and the on course volunteers were amazing!!!

I also want to thank everyone that helped me reach my $100.00 fundraising goal. You all rock!!

To find out more about this race visit the official site here: Woman2Warrior

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